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AWAKE is a type of fantasy escape game, well located in second floor of Wild West Cowboy. Visitors are locked inside a room and required to use imagination and thinking skills to complete a mission. It has five rooms in total, whereby each room is a different game and has a unique theme and story. For those who want to test their brainpower, Awake has five themes that worth challenging: Dinosaur Century, Save the Princess, The Awakening of Pharaoh, Haunted Mansion and The Defence of Galaxy. For kids who love to answering riddles and solving puzzles, Save the Princess is specially designed for them. Do you wish to be the next Sherlock Holmes or Detective Conan? Well, this is the perfect game!

Dinosaur Century

A bizarre occurrence happened in a genetic research centre based in a mystery island. The scientists and staffs had disappeared out of sudden. Rumour is saying that it is because the laboratory has a dinosaur-like monster that eats people. Now, nobody dares to move even nearer. Can you go to inspect the truth behind? Remember to leave before the volcano erupt.

The Awakening of Pharoah

For the sake of fortune, thousands of people had unearthed and invaded the Egyptian Palace, but no one ever returned. Now, it is your time. Your mission is to reveal the secret of pharaoh and return home safely.

The Haunted Mension

This is a haunted mansion. The room, the garden, all have been said to be surrounded by paranormal activity. And the cellar, you can always hear a frightening sound from there. Adventurer, do you dare to walk into it?

The Defense of Galaxy

Mission! The organisation wants to unravel the Galaxy base, yet the airship sent disconnected and missing from the radar. Now, the organisation appoints you and the team to go there for inspection. Find the missing airship and discover the truth.

Save the Princess

Our princess still in coma, since the day she’d been cursed by the wicked witch. My Little friend, let’s save her. And remember, the dark forest is very dangerous to stay, so hurry up.

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